東京下町の町工場で職人がひとつひとつ手作りで作るブリキの裁縫缶。 素材感を楽しんでいただけるよう形は極力シンプルにし、使い込むことで時間と共にゆっくり、味わい深く馴染んでいきます。 SEWING BOX(S)が入り、裁ちバサミも入る便利なサイズです。SyuRoの刻印が入ったコラボレーションアイテムです。

W260mm × D100mm × H85mm


It is a tin box for sewing which craftsmen at a small factory of the downtown area in Tokyo make from handmade one by one. Its form is made as simple as possible for enjoying the feeling of a material, and it will adapt itself tastefully with time. It is a convenient size so SEWING BOX (S) and sewing scissors can be put into it. This is a collaboration item containing a carved seal of "SyuRo".